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Zoran ToldiSlovakia235313pJoined 2009
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
His photos explain enough without comment. .
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
Рассматривая галерею Zoran я увидела глубокое уважение к тем людям, которых он фотографирует. И что самое главное эти люди отвечают ему такой же любовью и уважением. Их глаза наполнены духовностью и житейской мудростью. Здесь нет людей живущих по законам "общества потребления". Есть настоящие - те, которых называют "Корни", то на чем держится вся Душа Земли. Если в кадр попадают детали интерьера они служат хорошим дополнением в рассказе о герое снимка. Спасибо большое за Ваши работы!

Considering Zoran gallery I saw a deep respect for the people he photographs. And most importantly, these people respond to him the same love and respect. Their eyes are full of spirituality and worldly wisdom. There are no people living under the laws of the "consumer society." There are real - those who are called "Roots", then what keeps the whole soul of the Earth. If the frame get details of the interior, they are a nice addition to the story of the hero shot. Thank you very much for your work!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I endorse Zoran as a skillfull portrait photographer. One can learn from his approach. I wish him very best in the 1x community and in everyday photography too! his photographs of the ordinary pepople show us a world that is real and around us
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like to endorse Zoran. All Photos of Zoran are impressive and beautiful. Each photo is designed with great sense of professionalism. Well Done. him photos deserve publications here or elsewhere. We can say that Zoran has learned the art of photography.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Nádherná tvorba, každá fotografia je ľudsky uveriteľná, a v duchu Poetiky starej lyriky od Ivana Krasku...
Je zrejmé, že autor v prostredí, v ktorom fotí aj žije, prostrediu i ľuďom rozumie, -pre mňa autor zaraďujúci sa k takým fotografom, ako bol na Slovensku napríklad Martin Martinček...

Beautiful production, every photography is humanely believable, and it carries on in a spirit of "Poetika starej lyriky" by Ivan Krasko...
It is obvious, that this author, in an enviroment, in which he photographs and lives, he understands both the enviroment and people, -for me this author is classified in a group of Slovak photographers such as, for example, Martin Martinček...