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What is 1x?
Do you have what it takes to be published in one of the world's most exclusive art galleries? This is not your average photo site. All photos on 1x are selected by a team of professional gallery curators. Just like in a real photo gallery. Our curators have experience from well-known institutions such as Sotheby’s and Tate Modern Art. Yes, standards are high, but don't let that discourage you. We believe that everyone has an inner photographer, just waiting to be discovered. Learning is very important for us and we provide many tools that will help you take your photography to the next level. In our critique forum, especially appointed senior critics write expert feedback on your photos to help you improve and we have the largest collection of quality tutorials online. Getting published on 1x is a great achievement. Many photographers whose works now hang in art galleries, were once discovered on 1x. It's no coincidence that Art directors, book editors and magazines all over the world use photos from 1x photographers. Every day 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook alone. 1x is something different. We publish only a small amount of photos every day, giving them the exposure they deserve. One million unique viewers visit 1x every month, because they know that we only have the very best. Where do you want to be seen?
What makes 1x different from other photo communities?
1x is a curated gallery. This means that only photos of the highest quality are published. 1x has a team of professional curators that carefully review the photos based on a number of different criteria. Upholding these standards are not enough however, the photo must also bring something new to the gallery. This ensures that 1x has a high level of originality. Being published in 1x is a certificate that the photo upholds the highest possible photographic standards and is an achievement to add to your resume. Only 5% of all submitted photos are published.
What are the benefits of being a paying member?
As a paying member you can submit your photos for consideration of publishing in the 1x gallery. When you become a PRO member you can upload 20 photos to the curators every week, get your very own photo homepage, access to hundreds of photo tutorials at 1x Learning and 24 h customer support. All paying members have access to detailed statistics about photos, for example how popular they are. With the album feature you can easily organize your photos. As a paying member your photos are automatically protected by copyright watermarks with your name.
Can I upgrade my membership?
Yes, you can always upgrade from a free membership to a PRO membership. You can sign up for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

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How are my images protected?
Unauthorized use of images is something we take very seriously. We have taken many different measures to protect your images. First of all we have prevented right-click downloading or dragging of images to the desktop. Secondly, all images are watermarked with the photographers name.
What is 1x Photo Awards?
Every year we have a prestigious photo competition. In 2015 the grand prize was $10.000 and there were 28 winners in 12 different categories. The judge was Kim Humbard from National Geographic, a most accomplished photographer and to gain her recognition is an incredible achievement. The winning entries were exhibited at Fotomässan, the biggest photo fair in Scandinavia. The winner also had the opportunity to be selected for Eurographic’s catalog and earn up to 40€ selling a single image. The winner also got a diploma signed by judge Kim Humbard and camera equipment from Lensbaby. More info about the 2016 1x Photo Award will soon be released.
What is Visions?
Visions is the 2016 1x yearbook. It will be printed in a very exclusive limited edition of only 499 copies. It represents our vision of the best photography in the world, both in color and black and white, combined with uttermost care to create a sublime flow throughout the book. It will be crated with top quality printing, paper and binding. Worldwide shipping is included. Pre­order now to save 20 EUR/USD!
How do I buy prints?
Browse over 10.000 stunning curated photos in Shop > Fine Art Prints, to find the perfect piece for your wall. Every photo is especially selected by our experts so you don't have to browse through thousands of photos until you find something you like. Click the buy-button below a photo in full size if to preview it on a wall. Free worldwide shipping is included in the price and its delivered right to your doorstep. We print on highest quality possible matte photographic paper, which will last for a lifetime.

Browse prints here.

How do I purchase a license to use a photo for a magazine, flyer, book cover etc?
Contact support[at] with any requests about licensing photos for magazine, cd or book covers, websites, marketing material, background wallpapers for phones etc. and we will contact the photographer for you and negotiate a deal.
How do I add photos to favorites?
Use the heart in the toolbar below photos in full size to add photos to favourites. You can access your favourites in Photos > Favourites.
How do I follow favorite photographers?
Make sure you are logged in, go to someone's profile and click "Follow". You will see all the latest photos by photographers you follow under Photos > Following. Photographers you follow are listed in Community > Members > Followed. You can see who is following you by clicking on the button with the number of followers in your profile.
What are lists and how do they work?
Creating lists is a way of collecting favourite photos by other photographers on 1x under different themes. Click on the button with three lines next to the heart icon below photos in full size to create new lists and add photos to existing lists. You will find your lists in Photos > Lists > Your lists.
How does albums work?
As a paying member you can organize your photos on your profile into albums. It's super fast and easy, simply create a new album and click on all the photos you want to include. You can select a cover photo for the albums and reorder the photos any way you want. You can also reorder the albums themselves. Manage albums in "Albums" in your "Account" menu.
How do I upload photos?
Go to your “Account” menu (the menu in the upper right corner with your profile picture or a silhouette) and select “Upload photos”. You can drag and drop photos or click the “Upload” button to select files. Make sure to convert your photos to standard sRGB save them in JPG format using “Save for web”.
What are your size recommendations for uploading photos?
We recommend that you always upload your photos in the original resolution from camera. They will automatically be resized to a smaller optimal size when displayed on 1x and the high-resolution file will not be made public. Photos sent to the curators must be at least 1000 pixels on the long side, but for a better viewing experience we recommend always uploading in at least 1500 pixels on the long side.
Why doesn’t the colors on 1x match the colors in the photo I uploaded?
Make sure to always convert photos to standard sRGB using “Convert to profile” in Photoshop and then save them in JPG format using “Save for web” to ensure that colours are not altered when you upload photos to 1x.
How do I send photos to the curators for consideration in the gallery?
Click on the cogwheel below a photo to send it to the curators for review. If it’s published on the front page it will get a lot of extra exposure. Pro members can submit 20 photos per week. The photo will be published in the gallery within 1-2 weeks if it’s selected. You can see the curation status of your photos sent to the curators in the Photo Directory.
How does curation work?
Each photo is first sent to the members for voting. When the photo has received 60 votes it will be sent to the official curators. The members can also write tips and feedback on your photo when they vote. You can see the popularity score from the voting in your Photo Directory. After voting is completed your photo will be sent to the official curators and is evaluated in terms of idea, mood, aesthetics and technical quality. Originality and variation in the gallery are very important. The official curators will always take the score from the members’ vote into consideration, but sometimes they will override it. For example a photo can receive a high score in voting, but still be rejected by the curators because the same motif has been published many times before. A photo with a low score can be published because it’s a very special photo with a certain quality, even though it might be difficult to understand upon the first glance. As of now, the official curators have evaluated and judged over one million photos. There is no computer algorithm which decides whether photos are published in the gallery or not, but each and every decision is taken by a real person.
Who are the curators?
We currently have 15 official curators who are experts in different areas of photography and also live in different places around the world. Visit their profiles to learn more about the curators.
How does member curation work?
Access member curation by clicking “Curate” in the top navigation. Here you can help the official curators to find the best photos by voting either “Publish” or “Reject”. You can also write comments with feedback about the photos, which will help both the official curators and the photographers uploading the photos. Remember to always be polite and helpful when commenting on someone’s photo and really explain in-depth why you think something and always give tips about how to improve the photo. Especially insightful comments will be awarded by the moderators. If you are active in member curation, you will gather points and rise in level. When you have reached the highest level, level 8, you might be considered for different positions on the site like becoming a senior critic or an official curator. In “Curator portal” in your “Account” menu you can see which of your comments have been awarded, your current level and a top list of the highest ranked members in curation.
What means with Awarded photos?
All photos in the gallery on the front page are curated, but the Awarded section is a special recognition for photos the official curators want to give extra attention. Only a few photos are selected every week and being selected is a superb recognition of your talent and will give you a lot of extra exposure.
How does the score system work?
To encourage contributing to 1x we have introduced a score system. You receive points for getting photos published, commenting on other photos, taking part in curation and much more. Some point categories reflect how many points you have gathered in the last 12 months.
What is photo directory?
In “Photo Directory” you have a complete overview of all your photos. Access “Photo Directory” in your “Account” menu. You can easily make photos available for sale through 1x and our 12 partners by clicking the tick box “for sale” in the overview. You can also see if you have written a sufficient description and if you have uploaded a print version in sufficient resolution. If you are a paying member you can click “Statistics” at the top to see general statistics about all your photos, like the total number of views and comments as well as which of your photos are the highest voted. You can also click “Statistics” on each individual photo to find out more. To edit the information about a photo click “Edit”. Here you can edit the title and category, add a description to the photo, enter camera information and location where it’s taken. You can also see the status in curation, comments from voting members and if you are a paying member the popularity rating from voting.
How do I know if my photo was published or rejected?
When curation is finished, you will receive an Email if the photo was published. Even if your photos were not published this time, they might be reconsidered by the curators and published later, so we recommend keeping all photos on your profile. Consider your profile as a portfolio of all the photos you consider to be your best. You can see if a photo is published or rejected in the Photo Directory. You can also access the same information by clicking on the cogwheel below a photo in full size and then ”Photo details”.
How do I gain feedback and critique on my photos?
There are many different ways to receive feedback on your photos on 1x to improve your photography. In fact, learning is one of our most important values and we believe that anyone can become a master with the right inspiration and feedback. When you upload a photo to curation, members will write helpful comments on your photos, which you can read in Photo Directory. There is also a dedicated critique forum for in-depth feedback, with especially appointed senior critics who will help you to improve. Another option is to simply contact photographers who you respect a lot through their guestbook or our internal mail system and politely ask for critique on your photos. You will be surprised how many are eager to help.
How does the critique forum work?
Gain feedback on your images in the critique forum and have the chance to receive critique by other members or one of our especially appointed senior critics, who are experts at analysing photos and suggest improvements. Critique is give and take, so to gain critique on one of your photos, you first have to provide critique on three other photos. Remember that even the opinions of beginners are very helpful, since most of the people viewing photos are not experts. The most important thing is to be detailed and always carefully explain, why you think something.
What are groups and forums?
Discuss anything photography related or just hang out and in our nearly 100 different groups and forums. Each member can upload 5 photos to a group gallery every day. Click “Add to group gallery” in the cogwheel below one of your photos to upload it to a group. Each group is managed by a group admin who are there for you as a member. They can come up with interesting subjects to discuss and feature special photos. Make new friends and exchange experiences with skilled photographers from more than 160 different countries!
What is monthly theme?
Every month there is a fun competition where you can upload one photo on a specific theme and vote on your favourites. Submit a photo to the Monthly theme contest in the cogwheel below the photo or through the uploader on the contest page. Remember that you can only submit one photo each week, even if you delete your submission you can not enter a new photo, so be careful to upload the right photo from the start.
How does print sales work?
All photos on 1x can be sold as prints. We have numerous print partners all over the world who are recognized brands for selling prints, which means that you will make your photos available globally with a single click. One of our partners, Eurographics, is one of the biggest print providers in the world with thousands of stores in 62 different countries. A photographer on 1x has made an incredible 4000 euros selling a single image with Eurographics. Our other partners are specialized in printing on new modern materials like glass, wood, wall peels and aluminium mosaics. The license is non­exclusive so you can still sell your photos in other places if you make them available to 1x and our partners. Profits from print sales will always be split 50/50 between you and 1x. The easiest way to make your photos available as prints is to select the check boxes “for sale” in the overview in Photo Directory. You can also make photos available directly when you upload them and in Account settings > Select photos to sell. See how much you have earned in Account settings > Show earnings.
You have to upload high resolution files for all images you want to sell as prints in the cogwheel below the photos “Upload print version” or in the Photo Directory, where you can see if the resolution is sufficient in the overview. Upload high­resolution files in the original resolution from camera without upsizing or downsizing in JPG format.
How do I get paid for sold prints?
You will be paid out at the end of the following calendar quarter after a print has been sold by 1x or one of our partners, when you have reached the total minimum amount of 50 USD/EUR . If you have not reached the minimum amount your current balance will be accumulated for the next pay out. Make sure to enter a PayPal email address in Account settings, or otherwise we can’t transfer the money to you.
How do I edit information about photos?
In the cogwheel in the toolbar below each photo you can edit the information about your photos as well as in the Photo Directory.
How do I re-upload photos?
If you have improved a photo you can upload a new version in the cogwheel below the photo. For published photos it might take a few days for them to update, because they have to be approved first. If you want to send a photo to the curators a second time you need to upload it as a new photo. However, photos are rarely published on the second try and changes need be very major in order for the photo to be reconsidered by the curators.
How do I delete pictures?
You can delete photos on your profile that not have been published by the curators. Delete photos through the cogwheel menu in the toolbar below full size photos. If you want to delete a published photo, send an email to support[at] stating the reason for deletion and we will help you out.
Do you allow copyright text in photos?
All photos on 1x are automatically watermarked by us with your name. You are not allowed to add your own watermarks or copyrights on photos sent to the curators, because we want all the photos in the gallery to have a uniform style and watermarks are sometimes disturbing.
Do you allow borders in photos?
Photos sent to the curators for consideration in the gallery should not contain any borders because we want to keep an elegant style in the gallery and borders are sometimes distracting. If your photo is a diptych or triptych borders are allowed in curation, but please make them as discrete as possible. In your profile, you are allowed to add borders to your photos.
Do you allow using stock photos from other photographers in my photos?
All parts of photos sent to the curators must consist of photos taken by you. You are not allowed to use stock photos in montages. For photos only uploaded to your profile, make sure you have sufficient rights to display them, as you are responsible for any copyright infringes.
What are the rules for writing comments on 1x?
Remember to always use a friendly polite language when communicating on 1x. Offensive comments or personal attacks might lead to a ban or deletion of your account. Never write in anger. If you are angry at another member or feel mistreated, don’t contact them directly, contact support[at] and we will help to resolve the situation and sort out any problems.
How do I delete my account?
If you no longer wish to be a member of 1x, click “Delete account” in “Account settings”. Deleting your account is a final decision and we cannot bring it back once it’s been deleted so always take a few days to consider your decision before deleting your account. If there is anything you are not happy about, make sure to contact support[at] and we will do our best to help you out, improve the situation and solve any problems.
How do I show or hide nude content?
Enable or disable the nude filter in your “Account settings”.
How do I contact 1x?
Address: 1x Innovations AB
Regeringsgatan 29, Floor 5
111 53 Stockholm
Email: support[at]
Phone: +46 (0) 73 946 84 37 (Please always send an email before contacting us on the phone)
1x was founded in 2007 by Jacob Jovelou and Ralf Stelander in Uppsala, Sweden.
How do I contact a photographer?
To contact a photographer, please log in to 1x and leave a message in the photographers guestbook in their “About” tab.
How do I contact support?
Before contacting support, please read this FAQ carefully to make sure that your question has not already been answered. You are welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Email to the support is: support[at]