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Roberto Di PatriziItaly5075pJoined 2015

Born in 1964, I have started photography in October 2010, when my wife gave me a camera as a gift for my birthday. But I always shyly loved it even though I was born as a musician, I played guitar in bars and performed as a street singer. I played a lot, without a real project, experiencing many different works, until, at the age of 35, I started working in a TV channel, firstly as a musical entertainer, then as a broadcast technician and later as a sound engineer. Here I also came in touch with computer graphics and I really fell  in love with it! This work experience lasted 13 years. Then I enrolled in a master’s degree for 3D Artist, which provided me rudiments of photography, even with practical sessions. After the master I wanted to deepen the theme following a photography course. To get here I took the roundabout. I've never liked shortcuts. Often, the most beautiful part of a trip is not the destination, but the way you get there.