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Ricardo Da CunhaAustraliaPRO52206pJoined 2014
In a noisy and busy world photography gives me the silence that I increasingly desire. It is where I find the balance I need and it represents the window to my soul.
My images portray a world that I seek; one that is simple and void of the clutter and noise that increasingly dominates our lives.
I like to give my subjects space for them to breathe; just like I need to find space so that my soul can breathe.
My images are often not true renditions of what my camera sees but more importantly they are true representations of what I felt or I thought I was seeing. To me this is more important as it enables for the photographer to enter and become a part of the photograph, and therefore adds the personality that helps make them unique.
We are all different from each other so why not communicate who we are and what we represent through our images? To me this communication of a message is what represents “art” in its true sense.