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Raffaele CorteItalyPRO72910pJoined 2019
Twisting, modifying, reinterpreting objects. Bringing them together and distorting them in an attempt to alter Reality, or instead amplify it to discover an invisible essence by not disdaining - to achieve the result - exasperating fragments of frame ...
This my "Unfaithful Photography" is the evolutionary passage from the professional and meticulous deion of things, through the implacable optical bench apparatus, to the possibilities of reinterpretation offered by digital and HDR techniques: a Photography from which the human figure is normally kept hidden and represented almost exclusively through his works, commercial or intellectual.
I see in each object (from the button to the skyscraper) an entity in itself, which cannot be investigated like the previous or the next. Each shape has its own story to tell, which can be of great breath and serenity or irritating and rough. Or even all this at the same time.

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