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Joxe Inazio Kuesta GarmendiaSpainPRO1787190pJoined 2013
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Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
Joxe, eres una de esas personas que uno se cruza por la vida y que se queda impresionado por su sencillez y humanidad. Tus trabajos estan llenos de lo humano en el más amplio y profundo sentido de la palabra. Lo humano en todos los momentos de la vida que nos muestras con esa maestría, eres el maestro del momento, de la expresión, de la situación, de la psicología y nos lo enseñas a través de personas que viven en otros paises donde lo autentico aún parece estar más integro que en nuestro primer mundo. Va mi admiración y cariño hacia ti, maestro de lo esencial en lo humano y de lo bello en lo artistico. Un fuerte abrazo y gracias por compartir con todos tu arte y tu esfuerzo! ___________

Joxe, you are one of those people who crosses through life and who is impressed by its simplicity and humanity. Your works are filled with the human in the broadest and deepest sense of the word. The human in all the moments of life that you show us with that mastery, you are the teacher of the moment, the expression, the situation, the psychology and you teach it to us through people who live in other countries where the authentic Seems to be more integral than in our first world. There goes my admiration and affection towards you, master of the essential in the human and of the beautiful in the artistic. A big hug and thanks for sharing with all your art and your effort!
Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
How not to endorse a man with such a portfolio. What a wonderful collection of photographs of people in their living surroundings. Whether in black and white or in deep fruity colors Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia is a master in doing it. Warm greetings, Erik
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Joxe, I can find no-one else on 1x whose photos give me such a sense of amazement when I see them. Your Black and White is impeccable, your composition and choice of subject are so heartfelt, emotional, even disturbing and from places we rarely see. I applaud your documentary work. You are one of the Masters in the art of photographic image presentation so please, keep on presenting, kind regards, John...
Ali Khataw  CREW
Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
Joxe, your work on documenting people and telling stories through their faces is simply incredible. I have been following your work for some time and look forward to some more great stories narrated through the visuals of your black and white work. Certainly very impressive!
Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
Querido Joxe Inazio
Empezaste poco a poco, con una fotografía de tipo general, hasta convertirte, con los años, en el nº 1 de 1x, con una impresionante coleccion de fotografía documental, que incluyen retratos, grupos, escenas de la vida cotidiana, trabajos, culturas y costumbres de muchos pueblos. Todas tus fotografías son impactantes, desde el punto de vista humano. Muchas de ellas con un fuerte contraste en blanco y negro que las hace aún, más dramáticas. Nos muestras otros mundos, otras formas de vida, otras culturas y costumbres a veces tan cercanas y otras tan alejadas del primer mundo.
Por todo ello mi reconocimiento y admiración por todo tu enorme trabajo.
Un fuerte abrazo de tu amigo
Jois (J.G.L.)

Dear Joxe Inazio
You started little by little, with a general type photograph, until you became, over the years, the No. 1 of 1x, with an impressive collection of documentary photography, including portraits, groups, scenes of everyday life, works, cultures and customs of many peoples of the world. All your photographs are shocking, from the human point of view. Many of them with a strong black and white contrast that makes them even more dramatic. You show us other worlds, other ways of life, other cultures and customs sometimes so close and other so far from the first world.
For all this my recognition and admiration for all your enormous work.
a big hug from your friend
Jois (J.G.L.)
Endorsing for skills in Street photography
I want to endorse Joxe for his talent to create a mix from street pics and documentation pics in a fantastic and fascinating way. His Play with situations and scenes seems to me being perfefect and is always a great pleasure to see them. I am expecting his new work always with excitement and I hope to see a lot more of his fantastic work in future. Additional I have the feeling to have found a great friend in photography. Thank you Joxe!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like to endorse Joxe . All Photos of Joxe are impressive and beautiful. Each photo is designed with great sense of professionalism. Well Done. him photos deserve publications here or elsewhere. We can say that Joxe has learned the art of photography.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Joxe Inazio, mi más sincera enhorabuena por una galería realmente impresionante. El tratamiento en blanco y negro es excepcional y los temas reflejan una dura realidad que es difícil de asimilar para muchos de nosotros. Un saludo de un paisano desde Irlanda.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Joxe, you make us travel all around the world, but what it is really most important for me is that, through your shots, you allow us to go inside feeling the true essence of life.
There no barriers anymore, we can look at the different knowing we are all the same. So, very many thanks for your light, for your penetrating gaze with no fear only respect and love.