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Hans-Wolfgang HawerkampGermanyPRO1486300pJoined 2015
Endorse Hans-Wolfgang
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hi, Hans-Wolfgang,

first of all thanks a lot for adding so many of my photos to your favourites. A big honour for me! I want to say that your portfolio is amazing due to the photographically quality of your pictures, your ideas, your different styles, your high developed skills, your concept and (at last but not least) your bubbly imagination! I watch your photos to learning a lot! Many greetings!
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Dear Hans, it is a pleasure to meet you and enjoy your wonderful work. You are an essential photographer in architecture photography, with a wonderful sense of space, form, light and color. Your work goes beyond photography and there is mixed with art. Thank you very much for sharing your work and for being a teacher of so many people. A big hug from Spain!
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Contemplating the work of Hans-Wolfgang is the perfect combination of satisfaction, a rewarding activity and a great way to learn about photography, about composition and how to look.
He is able to find an amazing photograph, a balanced composition, great, where others, most of us, even'd watch. His work on architectural photography is a reference for me and many others, although their work does not stop there. Landscapes, details, incredible situations ... It is always a great idea to visit, and even more, to have him as a friend. A hug and thanks Hans.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Thank you very much for adding some of my images to your favorites.
As amateur you are an amazing source of inspiration, as a great photographer as you are, specially on Abstract and Architecture Categories! Many Thanks
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hello dear Hans -Wolfgang Hawerkamp , thank you very much for adding of my images to your favorites. Kind regards, have a good time .Navid mofidi.

sorry "200 character"Hello dear Hans -Wolfgang Hawerkamp , thank you very much for adding of my images to your favorites. Kind regards, have a good time .Navid mofidi.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Hi Hans-Wolfgang, I want to endorse you for your outstanding workt as architectual photographer. Your work is extremely interesting and your portfolio is very varied. It remains fascinating to look at. The finishing touches of your photos are particularly beautiful. I hope to see a lot more in the future.
Warm regards, Greetje
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hans-Wolfgang is active in several different genres. He has his own and unique style and for example a perfect eye for architecture details, for the light and for the best point of view. In my opinion, he is a grandmaster of photography.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hello Hans-Wolfgang, I am writing to you just to say that you are an extraordinary photographer. Your works are a reference in abstract and architectural photography. They are a source of inspiration. You achieve to transmit a feeling using elements that are in principle insensitive, you masterly give life to what does have not. You are a good photographic friend as well. Best compliments for your work. Warm regards my friend.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
You are a true artist of these urban/mechanical/rigid forms and have a great ability to find the right angles and rhythm. Your subjects are often not interesting at all, but you turn them to seem very interesting, this is fine art photography all about. Congratulations!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I have chosen to endorse you for two reason -- first the body of your work shows a photographic eye which can perceive and capture and image which others would easily miss; and the body of work is deep and wide, encompassing a thorough understanding of the photographic art; and, second, you are confident enough in your abilities to bend the photographic "rules", the established orthodoxy.
Miroslaw  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like to endorse Hans-Wolfgang as a great photographer. Photos of Hans are impressive and beautiful especially pictures of architecture. Each photo is designed with great sense of professionalism. It is a pleasure to look at and be inspired by his work in the field of photography.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Ich freue mich, hier der erste zu sein, der für Hans-Wolfgang ein 'Endorsement' schreiben darf. Seit ich das erste Photo 'Bilbao im Quadrat' von ihm auf 'Seite 1' hier bei 1x sah, war ich in den Bann gezogen und verfolge seitdem das Werk und Schaffen von ihm.

Auf der 'Ich über mich'-Seite seines Profils ist die mehr als drei Jahrzehnte dauernde photographische Laufbahn und Werdegang von Hans-Wolfgang dokumentiert.

Hans-Wolfgang hat ganz außergewöhnliche Fähigkeiten ein abstraktes oder architektonisches Motiv zu sehen und zu entdecken und es dann mit seiner photographischen Handschrift auf seine ganz eigene Art und Weise in eines seiner Kunstwerke umzusetzen, die wir hier auf 1x zu sehen bekommen.

Hans-Wolfgang hat innerhalb kürzester Zeit mehr als 20 veröffentlichte Photos hier auf 1x und es werden glücklicherweise schnell mehr.

So freue ich mich auf weiteren Aufnahmen, die stets auch eine Quelle der Inspiration für mich sind.

1x hat mit Hans-Wolfgang einen sehr außergewöhnlichen und kreativen Photograph als Mitglied gewonnen.


I am happy to be the first one who has the chance and honour to write an endorsement for Hans-Wolfgang. Since I saw some time ago the first photo 'Bilbao in Square' on page no 1 at 1x, I follow his work and admire his photography.

On the 'About' page of his portfolio, the more than 3 decades lasting photographical work and Hans-Wolfgang's memberships in first class photographical societies are documented.

Hans-Wolfgang has extraordinary skills and talents to explore an abstract or architectural motive, which he then converts with his typical photographical handwriting and signature into one of his outstanding masterpieces which we can se here at 1x.

In shortest time, he has published here at 1x more than 20 photos and luckily their number is steadily growing.

I am curious to follow Hans-Wolfgang's creative work, which is always a source of new inspiration for my own photography.

1x has won a very extraordinary and creative photograph and member.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I am always eager to see what images you post next, as I enjoy how you apply your skills as a photographer to craft images that are unique and exceptional. Your architectural images are particularly stunning. Keep up the awesome work my friend.

Best regards,

Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Lieber Hans-Wolfgang,
tolle Bilder und beeindruckende Vielfalt ... und dann habe ich auch noch Deine Bilder in der letzten SCHWARZWEISS gesehen. Sehr beeindruckend, (sowohl Deine Bilder hier, als auch in der Zeitschrift).
Besten Gruß
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
A stunning and inspiring portfolio!
Capture some few abstract details can be quite easy, but gathering an impressive collection with formal coherence as this requires not common creativity and skills.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Hi, Hanz what can I say it is very difficult to pick up why I want to endorse you for, to cut it short you are world class photographer, stunning abstract, incredible ability to extract lines of meanings and clean shapes all are good frames in very high professional quality and gentle sense of artist, source of inspiration and dynamic work never run empty. thanks for being there
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Thanks Hans for adding one of my pics to yur favorites..., It helps my to continues trying to publish one of mine..., little bit sad about this, because I thought that some of pics were really good... but it seems that was wrong.
thanks again
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hallo Hans-Wolfgang, danke dass Du meine Fotos zu Deinen Favoriten hinzugefügt hast, ich fühle mich sehr geehrt. Dein Portfolio spricht mich wirklich total an, Deine Bilder sind genau mein Ding, alle Daumen hoch :-)
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Hello Mr. Hans
I love your work a lot in architectural photography and abstraction, I always learn a lot from him!
The power of composition and color adjustment is very special and exciting! You always have new amazing photos!
You are a professor of architectural photography and abstraction! I advise everyone to look at your work ...
I wish you all the best