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Hans Martin DoelzHead of ambassadorsGermanyCREW152121pJoined 2013
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Shapes, lines, curves, forms, shadows and light, is what Hans Martin concentrates on and is obviously attracted to as he looks through his viewfinder. What he captures is rendered into interesting and eye-catching images, that I find very appealing to view. In addition to this I just want to add that since I can only endorse for one thing, I am doing so for his photography, but want to add that he also does a nice job of curating images. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his future work.
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
Мне нравится как Вы видите линии и фигуры в совсем простых сюжетах. Красивые геометрические соотношения. Очень жаль, что не все работы опубликованы на сайте, но надеюсь их будет с каждым разом все больше. У таких авторов как Вы есть чему научиться! Желаю новых удачных кадров!

I like how you see the lines and shapes in a very simple plot. Beautiful geometric relationships. It is unfortunate that not all work is published on the website, but I hope they will be each time more and more. Such authors as you have something to learn! I wish the new good photos!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hans Martin is an excellent and sensitive photographer with a great sense for composition,shape and colors .Besides he also is a very skilled curator with a markedly positive approach. I like how he displays his advanced photographic experience in his detailed analysis and comments which are always constructive, helpful and full of quality.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I´d like to endorse Hans for his skills as curator. I come across his comments in the curating section quite often. His comments on the photographer´s shot are always detailed, nicely explained, short and precise in a helpful and friendly / respectful manner. Thank you very much Hans for sharing your feedback ;)
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hans got some very very interesting geometric frames in his gallery. an interesting pint of view that shows us a world of shapes that we always see and live with - but in a very different and special way. hope to see more from you :)
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
The portfolio impresses with a fine selection of artworks. Hans displays in three albums his most impressive types of presentsation, the "artwork" where pure plain graphical aesthetical impression is reaching the viewer, the "architecture" expressing a similar purity and aesthetical presentation, and his "abstracts", which combine both, the outer aesthetics of the graphical impression from architectural "signs" to the purity of the motives in their aesthetical expression. Most appealed I am of course in the motives from Stuttgart, which I favor so much myself.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I was not sure for what I should endorse Hans-Martin. He is writing very detailed and helpful curation comments and has also a great portfolio of pictures. So I just want to endorse Hans-Martin for his photographic skills. He does wonderful work in abstract photography and it is an inspiration for me. I have experienced him as a very nice person.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
It was a tough choice deciding on what to choose to endorse Hans for, curator or photographer. I've came across multiple comments he has left and they have been constructive and respectful which equally impressive when you read it and know English isn't a fluent language for him. That shows the effort he puts in helping others.

The best to you Hans.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I'd like to share my praise for Hans ability as a curator. I like to read his posts when I come across them: his attitude is always smooth and respectful, yet through his remarks I sense I can learn something.