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Harry EggensNetherlands41000pJoined 2010
Born at the 10th of January 1953, raised and still living in Groningen, a town in the northern part of the Netherlands. Started serious photography in 1990 with a Nikon F801. After that I did upgrade to the Nikon 801s, F90, F90x, F4E, F5 and at the time I am using the Nikon D2x and D300 bodies with Nikkor 24-70mm AF-S, 70-200mm AF-S VR, 105mm Nano maro VR, and 200-400mm F4.0 AF-S VR lenses. In the analog past Fuji Velvia 50 and Fuji Provia 100F was the slide film I did use most and do use a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000ED to scan the slides. Over the past 20 years we did sell images worldwide to publishers, magazines, travel agencys and they are publised on cd and book covers. I do mention we on purpose because together with my best friend and mate in evil :) Henk Meijer I do run a website called Proframe Photography. http://www.proframe.org Best regards, Harry P/S: And please remind....... "There are far more human beings acting like monkeys than monkeys acting like human beings"