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RobertGermanyUnlimited321770pJoined 2007
Endorse Robert
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Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
All of Robert's vast portfolio of photos documenting life in India has something in common - they feel so real and genuine. No matter if they have a touch of humor or make you sad, you are always left with an intimate, moving feeling that remains long after having stopped viewing one of his photos, like you have not just watched a photo but actually met that person. Some of Robert's pictures tell of great struggle and it's very important not get too comfortable and close our eyes for injustice and hardship all around the world. But no matter how hard the conditions for some people are - we are left with a touch of hope and the dreams of those people wishing for better times ahead, like the very brave young woman in one of his photos that gets up 5 AM every morning, works extremely hard besides taking care of her family, makes almost nothing, but is still able to smile.

Robert's great dedication to 1x goes a very long time back. He has an impressive number of excellent photos published, he's been writing in-depth critiques to help emerging photographers develop and his massive efforts in helping managing many parts of this community is inspiring.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
What I want to tell you about Robert can not be said in 200 characters, nor 2000. Robert is the soul of lx with a heart so big you will be knocked over when it touches you. Robert was my guide, my mentor, and my friend in my early days at lx and I will always be grateful for this.

He has shown me the streets of some of he poorest places in India. Through his photographs he has made me look squarely into the face of poverty. I often have felt like I have walked those streets with him and looked into the doorways of these homes.

Robert is perhaps he hardest working person I have met a lx. Working with him as Mod, I can tell you that although he has so many other responsibilities in his life he is always here, in the background. You can call on him and he will always answer your call, and lend a hand to make things easier.

There is no endorsement category for 'character' but that is the one I most cherish Robert's friendship for. He could not make the photographs he does without his kindness, and love of people he possesses.

If you are fortunate enough to get to know Robert, you will learn that he is a man of few words, but he makes each one count.
Robert has helped more people here at lx over all the years - than any other single individual I can think of, and he never asks for anything in return.

I am always happy to see Robert's photos on the front page, because I know they are like his children, and he treats each one with TLC. When you can, put on some peaceful music, and take the time to look at all of Robert's photos starting from his early days here at lx. As your eyes meet the eyes of those he photographs you will feel touched by his gentle approach to humanity.

Thank you Robert, for being 'just Robert."
Christoph Hessel  Unlimited
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Ha of course i have to endorse the wonderful Robert. Not only for Your excellent company as friend and fellow mod, You are one of the most talented street portrait photographers i know, In my eyes you have coined that genre like few others
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
It was a great pleasure to me to meet you and your very nice family in DDorf in the beginning of January 2014. Your stories about your work have me tied up. What you know about photography, goes far beyond what I'll ever know. Your Street Photography is top notch and since I know how you are working on it, I am absolutely impressed.

You introduced me to the work as a 1x moderator and greatly facilitated my start. Your advice and your work are inspired by a great experience. I admire that very much.

Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I don't know Robert personally but I was touched by his great charisma since my first days on 1X. It is expressed in every single image in his work.
As I was in Nepal as a volonteer to teach the most unprivileged children and to support the poorest families, his pictures are so recognizable to me and touch me deeply.
Knowing how busy he is on many levels, I can only admire his huge human involvement and appreciate the more his photographic work.
Robert is such a warm personality. I wish I could get to know him better.
I'm glad to have discovered Robert on 1X . A strong and enriching virtual contact and friend through his photos is a great beginning ;-)
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I have admired Robert's portfolio for a while and its easy to appreciate his passion for street and social documentary captures. Although he shoots in colour and B/W its easy to see he has a soft spot for B/W. Most of his captures reveal he had an interaction and acceptance by his subjects and I can't help but feel he has shown us his subjects without the barriers most of us experience.

All the best to you Robert.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
You are such an awesome story-teller. I loved each and every photo of yours. They are so real and lively. Your portraits are simply superb. I wish you manage sometime to travel in my country Nepal too. :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

Best Regards,
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I'm firmly convinced, speaking about people, that photography is a matter of love and respect first of all. Robert's works are proof of that and I must admit I envoy him a little for being such a good photographer. An inspiration for all 1X users.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Going through Robert's work seems like turning the pages of a book of photography. Some tutorials prove that he is a great human being as well apart from being a great photographer. He takes pains to write in-depth critiques which help budding photographers like me a lot and really he is like a mentor. Congrats Sir!!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
what I'm gonna say about Robert..
For me he's a trully king of street photography. Through his photos i can feel and see so many emotion about people around the world. I learn so much from his works..
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Robert is a wonderful wonderful photographer, who has made my country proud because he has portrayed the essence and the soul of India in his pictures. I have a very high opinion of Robert and thank him for showing me my country through his pictures.

Thanks and regards

Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Robert is an author that I find extraordinary, I have literally fallen in love with so many of his pictures, with his reportage often I'm stuck in front of the monitor to observe and admire the human soul.
In every photo of Robert I find a story, I find two or more hearts: the hearts of those who are photographed and the heart of Robert. After looking at a picture of him you realize that there is something that you have not only seen but you've perceived with all the senses, this is the photograph that you will never forget. I hope I can always do not forget, many thanks dear Robert. Sincerely Simona.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
When you see Robert's profile you can want only one thing: I hope that I will one day have such a beautiful portfolio. I am impressed by your B / W photos so I also decided to Endorse you as a skill as a photographer. I wish you all well and good light.

Ufff superb!!!

Davorin Baloh (@follow)
Endorsing for skills in Everyday photography
Robert from the beginning of my time at this site was one of the senior members who gave me welcome and trust that I will find here the expertise that can help me to develop my photographic skills. His own photographs are each one a masterpiece in showing respect and empathy for people with their personal story on a personal and intercultural level. It inspires me again and again to discover new works of his art.
Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
Robert is committed and true to his values, which is reflected in his photography work. Robert contributes to keeping up the value of 1X.com. His images are about people. Pleased to endorse Robert :)
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I have the privilege to know Robert in person and have him as a friend,we fist met profesional,he was my boss,then discover that he was a great photographer,and I was at my starts on photography,and Robert teach me a lot,he is a sharing person and I´m very lucky that he share his huge talents with me,his photos really tuch me as well as his way of making photography, special on the streets of India,his photos are of a rare humanity and full of soul, what more to say? his photos speak for him...
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Robert is one of the photographers that I started to follow because his great photojournalistic work that has a singular look and superb results and I love that. Beyond this I would appreciate so much if he leave some critique at my photos to help myself to improve my skills.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hello Robert ,i have a great opportunity to endorse You right now ,i watch many of Your works many times and i am still impressed by point of view that i see . You have amazing sense of sensitivity and You feel portrait photography like no other .Pleasure to be here ,i wish you lot of health that i do not have it ,many new inspirations and take care ,EM
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I hereby endorse Robert as curator and well an inspiring street black and white photographer.His comments have always been insightful to me and most of the times led me to revisit my imagery and process it better.Also, his contrasty monochrome street portraits are something to learn from.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
In your portfolio I see very beautiful and thought provoking images. Each photo has a compelling story to tell, on closer viewing. It is the most decorated in black and white images speak to me very strongly. Thank you for your work!
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
I just love looking at Robert's portraits.
There is always something special in the eyes of his subjects, something real in their expressions.
His work evokes emotion, which is quite a rare thing, and needs to be cherished.
Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
I like the black and white work on the portraits and daily life. Really wonderful job and powerfull pictures ! I love asia I love travel and stunnings portraits of Inda where we can feel life and emotion on each of them. Once again, great job !
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Roberts personal statement of his deep commitment to getting to know people in their environment and preserving some of the essence of that encounter in his photography prepares for the photographs he shares in his portfolio. I was often surprised how few personal image mementos exist in places where the daily struggle has shifted the focus so much on survival. Many of Robert's photograph give parts of that reflection on the personal circumstances, being the subject to a photograph, having found back some pieces of that lost childhood, by the title of one of the photographs, just by being recognized, as the child with harsh features, the housewife in the open door to the backyard, the female laborer, who may have started early lifting mud bricks, but having on the photograph a smile of pride, providing for the family, despite being possibly in early marriage and not having had the opportunities, for which existence there is now growing media awareness. The portraits speak of the photographers personal involvement, even though we tell our story in a different role, stepping for a moment back to let the person speak for him or herself with the eyes, the gesture, in some images the tears or the overall facial impression, the modest homes or workshops, with the perfect engineering sign setting never the less a high standard, in some instances even completely sidelining the more archaic faded advertisement signs as by the bright smiles of the Coca Cola gang. With many of the portraits one senses an immediate story behind the photograph, a character within the micro environment of the village or informal settlement. However different from a novel where characters can be developed in sequence, here they are skillfully and above all respectfully shown for that one moment in time in their daily routine, concentrated at work or in prayer and allowing for openness and recognition when specifically posing for a portrait. Almost natural and unrecognized goes the skill of the photographer to build the relationship of interest and trust to make this happen. This comes to the great credit of Robert as photographer to not only having this intuition and respect for the persons of all ages encountered, but also using a wide repertoire of mature skills of composition and sense for the right moment, that have made these impressive portrait photographs possible. In doing so, his photographs from people he got to know in India and people in China, do show subtle cultural differences, as well as different degrees of intrusion of a particular brand of consumer culture into daily life. I give Robert my full endorsement for his work as a photographer, am looking forward to more of his work, hopefully including some follow-up photographs of the young and older people from India and China!
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I would like to endorse Robert as a great photographer and as a curator. His skills as a curator is remarkable. As a photographer and as a curator, Robert is very active in the portal 1X, especially on the forum. Robert writes professional comments. It shows multiple solutions for image corrections. Beyond that, Robert has a wonderful photo gallery. It is a pleasure to look at and be inspired by his work in the field of photography.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
that's great work in the photographs you have posted in various walls and the
that's great work in the photographs you have posted in various walls and the
that's great work in the photographs you have posted in various walls and the