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çiçek kıralTurkeyPRO218992pJoined 2017
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Endorsing for skills in Still life photography
Amazing still life photography work. Full of art. Any one can learn from her amazing work that how to frame the objects with wonderful composition, lights, textures and colors. Your Photography and post processing is like CARVING THE DIAMOND.
Endorsing for skills in Still life photography
She has create photography work as look as easy, but it's truly not.
Color, object choice, composition, lighting, that is the sign if she has very talented imagination and concept on photography.

Greeting from Indonesia :-)
Leah Guo  PRO
Endorsing for skills in Still life photography
Your works of still life are beautiful, nicely designed and crafted. Your creative ideas and color themes are attractive. Your artist editing skills makes the picture enjoyable. Your photo of One Left Behind is very impressive.