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Darlene HewsonSenior criticCanadaCREW339980pJoined 2011
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Endorsing for skills as a curator
I would like to endorse darlene for her wonderful skill as a curator. Each sentence very carefully selected, each word methodically placed. Firm but wth a softness. Good advice but with that feelgood factor. Some skills I've yet to learn. A star is born in the Crew of Senior Critics....keep up the good work Darlene.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I want to endorse Darlene for her skills as a curator. Difficult choice since she is also an accomplished photographer, there should be two categories to endorse !!

Critiquing is an art and has to be artfully done, making the necessary points for improving images while at the same time bringing out the positive side. She does have this skill which also shows while posting in general.

In the Nature Group she has been immensely helpful with her support and is a reason for the Group's success. Much appreciated Darlene, Thanks.

Endorsing for skills as a curator
Darlene is a part of the "Annoying people in the Curate section" list that I keep on a sticky note on my monitor.
She's irritating and annoying the h*ll out of me.

Especially lately, whenever I see a photo in curation that I would like to post some critique and suggestions about it, that Darlene lady is always there posting her critique and suggestions leaving me little to no wiggling room to post.
I mean, can't you see ?
She's taking away my critique stars and "shine".
Stop it Darlene, damn it :D

Just kidding of course.

Let's get serious now, Darlene is IMHO a valuable curator and critic.
She's creative, friendly, thorough and technically more than adequate to offer suggestions on how to make a photo look better.
I enjoy reading her comments and appreciate her participation & help in the Curate section.

Keep it up Darlene!
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I would like to endorse Darlene for her skills in the "curation room". Her comments are detailed and well written. She shows a good knowledge of photography, and what makes an image work. She is polite and considerate in her suggestions on how to improve a photo.

Like Bill, I too have come across images that I wanted to comment on, but Darlene got there first and there was nothing more I could add to what she had already said.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like to endorse Darlene for her great mind of photography, nice and useful critiques which she always has written in this site, This is my opportunity to learn from photographers like Darlene in this site and improve my knowledge of photography.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Somehow I often come accross Darlene´s feedback in the curating section. It is a pleasure to read her feedback, she is always constructive, respectful, helpful and positive in her comments. Thank you, Darlene.
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
as per my opinion, she is one of the creative photographers which i have come across, i am really surprised to see few excellent shots in her gallery. i like her dedication to photography.. 2-3 shots are my favourite which i think she would have put lot of time in getting the correct pic. i like the light, the angle which the photo is taken, should also appreciate the editing work. she was able to bring life to pic..also the clear expression of the models...let this be a start for her photographic future. i wish her good luck.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Darlene has been considerate when ever she adds her comments to a photograph. Respectful and constructive. Time spent reading an image is clearly reflected in what she shares. Her portfolio shows that she has tried a few different genres which also reflects in the way she approaches and shares her knowledge.

Wish you all the best.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Darlene was simply marvelous when she reviewed my work. She adeptly pointed out some must does, suggested some should does, which did improve the image and some more opinion type things which could were more personal preference. She did this efficiently and in a positive spirit and even found the time to pay me a compliment or two. If all your critics are this good it will have been worthwhile to join your site.