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The Jar - Geir JartveitNorwayPRO578389pJoined 2010
Welcome .

Battleground photo, that`s my name.

Because photography - It`s a battle. Fighting the forces of nature, waiting the long hours, always trying to find the right angle and the right moment, and again: reaching for the perfect shot. Photographers, all over the world - we`re in toghether, living the same dream, fighting on the same battleground.

Our beautiful world - planet Earth - is constantly threatened by war, pollution and global warming. The number of species inhabiting our plant is rapidly declining. We are no doubt in the middle of an ecological crisis - we are already fighting to survive.

As photographers, we can make a great contrubution to this fight for life, depicting the natural beauty surrounding us and socumenting, shot by shot, the vast richness of the animal kingdom still with us.

It`s certainly a battleground.