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Svetlana Melik-NubarovaTurkey852548pJoined 2010
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Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
Svetlana can paint with light in a wonderful way that brings to life portraits with a quality from a true artist...a Grand Master. I love your work, love the detail you pack into each frame, the planning of each image must take you hours if not days to complete. I though I could take portraits I'm still a beginner looking at yours.
Marc Apers  CREW
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
Every portrait is from such a high technical standard, light, composition, emotions, eye-contact, really everything fits wonderful, each single picture gets my full attention, i am a true fan and admirer of her work.
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
Your picture are just STUNNING Svetlana. Each one is crafted with so much perfection. Your vision is outstanding and you deserve great credit. You could teach us so much with your expertise and vision. I wish you great success.


Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
Svetlana, You have a wonderful gallery. All your portraits are like painting. Very artistic. The colors and lights are perfect. Every picture has a emotion to it. Keep inspiring all.

Best Regards Mahesh
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like endorsing Svetlana for her skills as a photographer, her work is inspirational. Find every portrait with a special mood, feel and attention to the smallest detail. Such high end work is very much appreciated and always looking forward to your next posting. In portraits you have raised the bar to a high level.
Best Wishes
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
The photographs I just saw are amazing and amusing. I was amused and touched from that deep feeling that the models do have. I should say it is conceptual photography, because no art is not conceptual. The atmosphere, the eyes and the emotion of the people photographed...
Art like Svetlana's should be endorsed.
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
I would to endorse Svetlana because i think she is a great photographer of portrait. I like so much her style and her drammatic artistic expression. She use the texture very well and the light of her pictures is always perfect. I find her works emotional and exciting. She gets to the deep of the soul.
Congrats to you Svetlana. Best Regards Alessio.
Endorsing for skills in Mood photography
The quality of the portraits shown and especially the mood expressed in them are of extraordinary finesse. The choice of models, the lighting, the facial expressions and the postproduction work out very well
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
Svetlana touches up every picture with a certain amount of charm. I have not yet figured out how she does it but I am sure it is a combination of fantastic composing and directing of models, perfect lighting and superb post production. Very inspiring. :-)
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
I 'm please to endorse Svetlana work . I love the way she always manages to create wonderfully images of his human subjects, mainly as portraits,with superb processing and remarkable textures. Every facial expression carries with it a story. Compliment my friend .
Greetings .
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
Атмосфера снимков и обработка на очень высоком уровне!!! Невероятно прекрасные глаза моделей, завораживают, околдовывают... Как под гипнозом хочется смотреть и смотреть. Также интерес для меня представляют костюмы героев и общая тональность фотографий.
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
fantastic choice of the models, excellent atmosphere, a touch of Flemish paintings and colors. It is not surprise that Svetlana has more than 600 followers. She proves the old fact in photography: the human face tells more than anything else
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
Очень красивые и содержательные работы. Свет, атмосфера, эмоции, акценты, костюмы... Фотографии минималистичные, но при этом очень говорящие, хочется пересматривать снова и снова .
Спасибо за творчество!