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Jeffrey C. SinkUnited StatesPRO569357pJoined 2014
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I'm endorsing Jeff with pleasure for his amazing photographic skills, especially his wildlife shots. He is one of the most talented photographers in that category to me. He makes me dreaming about Africa, about the workshops that he is organizing over there in the summer. His passion for photography is so communicative. For all those reasons, I'm particularly pleased to have Jeff as a member of our Editorial Team. He has so many interesting things to share with all of us. His friendly and warm personality make of him a wonderful team member and friend. Thanks for all this, Jeff !!!
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
I find Jeffery's wildlife pictures a real pleasure to watch. He produces stuff that one often sees in magazines like the NG. I have curated couple of his pictures and that is how I went on to go through his portfolio which was extremely enjoyable. Best of luck to you Jeff and I would like to see much more of your work on the frontpage.

Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I want to endorse Jeffrey for his skill as a photographer, enjoy seeing his portfolio and admire his skill, patience and determination. Images need to have a mood besides the expected high quality and Jeffrey's qualify with a wide margin. I'm sure I will see many of his images published in the near future.
Best Wishes
Jaco Marx  PRO
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
I endorse Jeff because of the way he brings Africa to the viewer. Because I love Africa too, it means a lot to see someone showcasing the beauty of this hard yet fragile continent. The wildlife shots are amazing and I think the quality is right up there!
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Jeffrey C. Sink produces extremely good Animal-Photos. There are photos of him that are just perfect. This is inspiring, because for me, the pursuit of perfection is a very important aspect in the field of photography.
Miroslaw  PRO
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
I would like to endorse Jeffrey as a great photographer. Jeffrey is an excellent nature photographer. In the gallery of Jeffrey, you can admire the beauty of nature. His photographs are done with much precision. The colors, the compositions of the scenes are rich and very well chosen. Good luck.