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Daniel SpringgaySenior criticUnited KingdomCREW408421pJoined 2019
I'm a hobby photographer based on the North East coast of England with great love and passion for photography. Now in the Autumn years of my life. Today I feel I never reached the heights of photographic skill I always wanted to. I'm still trying. I have a pet hate there are many photographers on many photographic web sites, we all know the type, who take all the love and glory and give nothing back. I'm not one of these, I believe in sharing my knowledge if any photographer wants my help in any way please just ask. You all have some of the best cameras and photographic gear and software ever invented, get out ther and use it.  I sometime joke on in my comments. I have a wicked sense of humor that I try very hard keep tasteful. I wish no harm in any way, I do not intend any offence to anyone.
Photography is my love and my Passion. I just think sometimes we all need to lighten up a little and laugh at ourselves and enjoy this wonderful Art.
I use Canon cameras and Canon L lens for all my photography. If I take landscapes I try to alway's use a tripod. I do shoot a lot of people on the street, I always ask permission first and send on any images to the person that posed for me free of charge.. For this work I use a Canon 5D III & Canon 5D IV Lens 24-70mm f4 35mm f1 .4 and 85mm f 1.2 Let's not forget the Reflector.